Why use off-site Backups?

It goes without saying that regular backups of your website are an important step in maintaining your digital presence and keeping your data secure.  If, however, it doesn’t go without saying and you are unconvinced that having regular backups of your site are important, just ponder the following scenarios;

  • Your site just got hacked and all your site code has been rewritten, turning your webserver into a spam bot…
  • Your web servers hard-drive/memory/motherboard just died…
  • You accidentally deleted some files you thought were not needed any more…
  • A plugin you installed to… increase sales/make your life easier/add some fantastic new feature… just corrupted your data!!!

Regular backups are a MUST, if you don’t have them, you are uninsured!

I already have backups!

Most site backups are kept either on the webserver itself or held by your hosting company.  Yet both these solutions have disadvantages.  Although you may have a backup from which you can recover files or lost images, what happens if your Hosting Company goes bust or suffers a catastrophic hardware failure and you cant even get to your backup files?

This happened recently to a customer of  ours who had not taken the optional off-site backup facility we offer. They asked if we could restore their site onto another server as we had created it in the first place. We said “Yes but you will get the site as it was delivered in the first place (several years ago) and any new data, articles, news, images submitted since then are not available”. They were aghast – “But where’s our data?”, where indeed…

Help is at hand

Our solution presents a ‘Belt & Braces’ approach ie multiple redundant backups. Not only do you have on-site backup files for quick and easy restores, we also provide an off-site storage area that allows you to access your data whether your website hosting is up or not. Totally separate from your hosting, globally accessible 24/7 easily restorable backup files.

Why is this optional? Because the off-site storage is an added cost. Its not large but it is in addition to your hosting. We think that’s a small cost for peace of mind and ease of use.

What do I get?

  • We do the installation and setup for free, even though it takes about an hour.
  • Regular daily backups of your site.
  • The facility to restore your WorsdPress website ‘as is’ onto any other hosting server
  • Optional reports
  • Optional local backup copies to your PC/Mac etc via email

What’s the cost?

Standard off-site backups start at £70 per year. Thats it, done.

Optional extras @ £50 for a TOTAL COST of £120 per year;

  • Specify the backup time
  • Automatic backups (whenever you update your site plugins etc)
  • Easy site migrator
  • Multiple off-site stores
  • Detailed backup file/DB table options/choices