WordPress Upgrades

By default all our WordPress installations are set to automatically load critical/security updates, also called minor version updates (noted as being the x in 4.2.x).

Major version updates are WordPress releases that include added or changed functionality for the WordPress core and are denoted by the major version numbers (the 4 & 2 in 4.2.3). As these releases can change functionality in core files, they may also break your website and so, we dont let these load automatically.

WordPress major updates are, never the less, important to your business. They can contain (as mentioned) new functionality but also performance enhancements, better admin interfaces and/or enhance UI capabilities along with the usual bug fixes and security patches. Here’s a summary of what an update can contain;

  • Security Updates
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Standards/Compatibility updates
  • New Features

The upgrade process for major releases is more involved and requires preparation including backups, prior to the upgrade and theme/plugin testing after the upgrade, to ensure your website continues to work properly. This mean if there are any serious issues we can always restore your site to its previous state very quickly, with minimal downtime.

As this is an involved process it is also a premium service that we charge for. Should you wish to have your WP installation upgraded to the latest version, please contact us for a quote. Options include, test server upgrade (we upgrade a copy of your site and test it off-line, so your visitors remain uninterrupted), out-of-hours upgrades (live upgrades but done late at night so you have minimal disruption to your business).

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.